What You Missed


Clayton Bellamy August 2012
Willie Mack October 2012
Brett Kissel December 2012 x 2


Duane Steele February 2013
Sean Hogan with Brad Fersovitch March2013
Adam Gregory with Olivia Rose May 2013
Jake Mathews with Justin Hogg July 2013
Mandy McMillan September 2013
Jason McCoy with Steve Newsome/Cathy Taylor October 2013
Gary Fjellgaard with Olivia Rose Novemeber 2013


Charlie Major with Danielle Edge February 2014
Chris Cummings with Shalisa Liesch June 2014
Jaydee Bixby with Carlee Krec July 2014
Codie Prevost with Bradly Tucker October 2014
Jamie Warren with Bradly Tucker November 2014
New Years at the Tavern
Alyssa Strand
Justin Hogg
Mandy McMillan with Jay Taylor
Amber Haydey with Jonathan Quickstad


Russell deCarle with Steve Briggs and Denis Keldie May 2015
Gil Grand with Chris Arnold July 2015
Jaydee Bixby with Olivia Rose/Bradly Tucker/Steve Newsome August 2015
Charlie Major with Jeff Miller August 2015
Codie Prevost with Steve Newsome October 2015


Brock Andrews with Topher Mils March 2016
Duane Steele with Joey McIntyre/Justin Hogg/Sean Gristwood March 2016
Lisa Brokop with Olivia Rose March 2016
Clayton Bellamy with Steve Newsome August 2016