The Tavern

The Tavern is what we affectionately call out garage. It started as a man-cave but as people visited and donated items to our walls, it took on an eclectic, small town tavern feel. As we added concerts to our Tavern, the House Concert Series was born. We did this because and it’s still the reason we do what we do, to provide quality entertainment, close to all our homes, at a fair price. It is the basis of our Mission Statement. We transform our Tavern, from man-cave to venue for every show. All the furniture comes out, sound system and chairs go in. If we need a little more space, we add a tent at the front of the garage. We have openers, that come and play a 30 minute set before each show. These local artists are picked to compliment the headlining artist. After the headliner plays an hour or so, the chairs get folded up and the socializing begins. Pictures and autographs end the night and not a complaint yet.

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