Where We’ve Been


The Troubadours at Mainstreet
Duane Steele, Jake Mathews, Sean Hogan and Bradly Tucker in February 2014
Mandy McMillan CD Release June 2014
WILD TV Outdoor Expo
Olivia Rose, Anastasia Romanowsk and Benjamin Williams in July 2014
The Tavern Anniversary Gala at Mainstreet
Steve Newsome, Kevin Frey, Alyssa Strand, Justin Hogg, Olivia Rose, Adam Gregory and Jake Mathews in August 2014
Alberta Culture Days
Command Sisters, Alex Vissia, Martin Kerr, Steve Newsome and Scenic Route to Alaska September in 2014
Canada Day Stony Plain
Mandy McMillan, Bradly Tucker and Samantha King in July 2014


Adam Gregory with Alyssa McQuaid at the Early Stage in April 2015
Royal Tusk with Amber Haydey in June 2015
Jake Mathews with Alyssa Strand at the Early Stage in May 2015
Canada Day Stony Plain
Clayton Bellamy Band and Steve Newsome in July 2015
Summer Sessions in Stony 2015
Command Sisters, Gordon Schindell, Kevin Frey, Alyssa Strand, Danille Edge, Todd Wandio and Duane Steele


Canada Day Stony Plain 2016
Hailey Benedict and Codie Prevost in July 2016
Summer Sessions in Stony 2016
Thhe Orchard, Russell deCarle, A Gentleman’s Pact, The Doll Sisters, Rebecca Lappa, Brock Andrews, Jake Mathews and Post Script
Charlie Major with Kory Wlos at Moonshiners in August 2016