We started on a whim in January of 2007. It was supposed to be one show, but it was a big one. The event was held in May of 2007 at the Horizon Stage in Spruce Grove, Alberta. The artist was Johnny Reid. Tannis Matthews had gotten to know Johnny Reid on his way up. This allowed her to meet his team and through them, we were able to have Reid right when Kicking Stones was released. This is where the entire family kicked in. Taelore and Breydon (Buck) took care of the dressing rooms and backstage area. Tannis did all the catering and was a big part of promoting the show. Jazz did all the legwork. The result was a sold-out performance on May 7, 2007. That was all that was supposed to be. Then we got a phone call. Things were done so well, would we like to host George Canyon as he did a small venue tour at the height o his career. We were in, the show was sold out. We named our company Concertzz 150. Concerts, was what we did. We spelt concerts with two Z’s to represent Jazz. The 150 came from Tannis’ Tartan Army membership number since Johnny Reid was our first show. We did two more shows, Prairie Oyster and Charlie Major before we realised we needed to learn more.

After being on hiatus for a number of years, Jazz ran into Clayton Bellamy. Having always been a fan, Jazz convinced Bellamy that he should come to his house and play for some friends. This was the beginning of what became The Tavern House Concerts (see About Us for name change). We did these in a transformed garage for four years, hosting some of the best Canadian country music has to offer including; Brett Kissel, Duane Steele, Jake Mathews and Adam Gregory. Over time we added opening acts to these shows and that lead us to the next level of what we do.

Steve Newsome opened for Jason McCoy at one of our Tavern shows. This led to a friendship and eventually a business partnership that added the next dimension of DRCM. We worked out a management deal with Newsome and also took on the role of an agency. As of 2017, DRC as we are referred to has now added to our agency roster and created a social media division, working with artists to keep all their social media relevant.